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Rankings for Poker Blog Sites
Ranking of the most popular poker information websites according to Sites are ranked according to their global Alexa traffic rank.

Top Poker Information Sites 

RankAlexa RankWebsiteDescription
14358PokerStrategyOnline poker community & poker school
266642+2Publisher's website best known for its popular poker forums
311265PokerNewsPoker news (Russian) 
521748SharkScopeSite that tracks players' performance in online sit-and-go tournaments
732149The Hendon MobPoker articles, tournament results, forums
832219CardPlayer MagazinePoker news and articles
933556PocketFivesOnline poker forums, news, site reviews
1034311PokerAffiliateListingsPoker affiliate forum and community
1135721OfficialPokerRankingsPoker player ranking site (Russian) 
1539193CardschatPoker forums (French) 
1840037PokerStars blog 
1942031MaisEV (Portuguese)Brazilian poker site with news, rakeback and forums (Russian) 
2151383eGaming Review 
2364555PokerPT (Portuguese)Portuguese poker community
2465873Hochgepokert (German) 
2567782PokerScoutOnline poker traffic and news
2670192Hold'em Manager 
2883296AssoPoker (Italian)Italian poker site with news, room reviews, videos and forums
2986056World Poker TourWebsite of the World Poker Tour
3090119Poker-Red (Spanish)Spanish poker website
3190277AlmatyPoker (Russian)Kazakhstan poker community with forums, news, articles. Language: Russian
3293213Bluff MagazinePoker magazine website
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  • Metrics for Becoming Poker Pro
42,000 monthly readers (6 month average)
60,000 visits per month (6 month average)
97,000 pageviews per month (6 month average)
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