Monday, May 11, 2015

Poker Fog by poker dog

There I was mid game with a three times above chip average chip stack chipping up. Really good considering that getting there took a couple really good hands early. In raiser to my big blind and I look down and wake up with A/K suited hearts. I raise heartily with a five times big blind bet. I isolated the raiser and he calls. The flop comes 2/A/9 rainbow.
I bet out pot size bet. Get called.  Next card a 10 clubs. I raise pot again and get re raised 45k. Thinking for a moment putting my opponent on a weaker ace and shove only to wake up to a set of twos. I couldn't put my opponent in the pocket twos with my preflop raise. 
Anyways, lesson learned on the re-raise with only top pair. I put him on the bluff or a little weaker ace which was a mis read on my part from a pretty solid player. It was what I wanted him to have not what he actually had. Either way, next time I get re raised as the forward better, I will be sure to take a moment to lose the minimum rather than the maximum. The outcome may have been the same after the river, but I believe I might have saved a bunch of extra chips with his river value bet over my aggressive all in.
Poker dog out!