Monday, April 27, 2015

Mad run, but not mad

Not exactly a mad run but a 4 day grind with positive finishes. After a disappointing weekend in Pendleton Oregon at the poker roundup, I find my groove at Ace of Spades poker club off of Barbour blvd in Portland. For the last four days I push the up button on cash outs and decided not to even play the encore tourneys. More than likely, I would have played normally and shelled out over 2k doing so. Instead, I somehow decided to set my ego aside for a bit and build my stacks for something bigger at the WSOP this year. Maybe poker Jesus will be with me this year and let me win the hands I am supposed to and a few that I am not supposed to. We will see.
I would love to have my brief moment in the sun. Life hasn't afforded me to many of those moments.... Hoping