Tuesday, April 7, 2015

First 2015 Tourney Win

So, " everyone" knows how one has to have a slew of hands that they have to win but are not supposed to in tournament play. Meaning your Ace/Queen beats out an A/K in a showdown to the river, or something similar where you were the underdog by a wide margin pre flop. This last weekend at   Encore Poker club was no different. I won at least three memorable hands that were showdown where I made a move and my lesser hand won out.  Example near the final with 15 left I shoved low stack with A/8 suited against  A/J and smacked the 8 taking down the pot to stay alive.
I also won an earlier showdown on an all in with K/J against A/Q and hit the Jack...
Setting all that aside, There was some post flop play that i don't count as part of the action that does not fit the above showdown preflop category... Like bluffing the river inducing a fold twice and also floating second pair to smash two pairs or trip up.... All that to say this. I had a couple of  hecklers at the other end of a table I was at. One of which I played against in a Deepstacks WPT event on the Oregon Coast at Chinook Winds Casino. There was a hand that I severely crippled him as a final table player with A/7 against his A/J all in preflop. I got lucky when I made the wrong move against him there. A Bad move that ended up sending him home several hands later...tilted.
Suffice it to say he was one of the ones at the other end of my table when I floated a second flopped pair against him to nut up... His tilt behavior was fine, (note; I actually like the guy) but I am sure he has no love loss for me. But what I didn't like was him employing the guy next to him to join in the banter.... "keep on playing like that and see how far it gets you" he would say.  Needless to say, I did keep to my strategy and it paid at the end and neither of them were in sight to see it... Long gone before that as my poker Karma kept finding ways to take advantage and knocking them out in one heroic hand with flopped nuts and them hitting the bottom end with second best... Sorry bud! You gotta know thats how this thing works... Best pre flop hands are not always winners.
I so much wanted to tell the banter partner that what he was saying in a nutshell- is that I would win with his starting hands and he would be losing with mine if he played them differently...? Sorry but you do the best you can with what you are delt my friend, and if you would be the folder in my situations.....You would of went out sooner than you already did.....
Until next round_
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