Saturday, March 21, 2015

Portland Oregon poker clubs

Encore poker club in Portland Oregon is one of my favorite places to play tourney games. Usually I have to get there an hour earlier than I want to because parking is among the worst of any club I have ever played at. It is more of a logistical city issue than the clubs fault. The city used to give passes that you could buy for the two hour parking zone so you could pArk the whole day. The city stopped giving the club passes... They probably found out that they make more money just giving tickets while peoe try and play musical chairs trying to move cars to different blocks...makes total sense.. 
Other than that, the club has the most guarantees of any club in portlandia.
Another, cool club feature is their full service bar and food menu. To date it hasn't been topped at any other club yet.. ( clubs take note) being that food and drink is every clubs main income over door fees that barely keep the lights on at most clubs.  Design a club around the money maker for success obviously.
There are a couple beneficial upgrades needed, aside from parking. The shoot out tables and final table need the best chairs they can find... Just me, but that is a huge deal to most people thT play regularly. Next would be a small bar charging station for wireless devices. Players utilize those a lot.
Encore also has really big weekly guarantees that dwarf the smaller clubs..
Yeah the comp is much stronger, but the value is there( if you make the final table) otherwise the hour shootouts are best bet....