Sunday, June 22, 2014

2014 Poker Events in Vegas

2014 has been the year of poker for me personally.  I play poker and love to play whenever I can, and up until this year it has only been recreational at best with some cash ins at the local clubs from time to time in their tourneys and shoot outs..(cash game played tourney style).  I decided to step up a bit for 2014 and enter some bigger tournaments including the mega stack in Vegas (June 26th). My goal is to cash in that game and if the payout is large enough, parlay a portion of the winnings into the main televised event that everyone watches on ESPN.  This plan includes a one way ticket to the RIO and an open ended possibility to turn officially pro for the year.
Now I know these goal are lofty, but it is one of those gut feelings, the pre destined mindset that has made me a bit more determined this year to have a life changing direction. I feel that my play has been solid enough to make it big in this game of skill. Forget all the bad beat scenarios, forget those unlucky river losses, and go do what I have been created to do. Win a big game!  (I will define what that means in a later post)
After my flight out on June 25th to enter my first official event, I will try and do a bit more blogging as well of the entire experience. As I am not much of a writer I will probably miss a few things only to catch up on them a month from now.My plan is to also have a successful blog or several along the way this year. I figure it would be about poker life, but who knows what the end game will bring? I am guessing most successful poker blogs are about people who are already "there" or successful in some way.  This blog is a bit more blue collar. No trust fund baby to be found here. In fact I am basically putting a lot on the line to make a life change here. Not by maxing out credit cards or anything like that, it is just that I am turning 46 in September and  we all know how short life can be. It is now or never! I will be able to play in the seniors tourney in the next four years....8(.... Not digging that idea. I feel to young for that but to old to do a lot of XYZ if you know what I mean. The field of play is getting younger and younger and I will need all my faculties to keep up soon.