Monday, February 25, 2013

Playing Poker in Dallas Oregon


My favorite local poker club resides in the town of Dallas Oregon. ( I know huh?)  Who would ever think up of such a place right?  With just under 15k population and 25 minutes from Salem Oregon the State Capital resides this little town. In fact when we moved to Salem back in 2005 it was still a dry town meaning no alcohol was bought or sold. So to have a Poker Club is Amazing with all the stigma and past online corruption that has been attached to the sport. And yes, the online world was hit hard due to ponzi-schemed sites that did not hold players money with proper oversight. In fact Salem still wont allow a true cash game poker club because of the stigma. But minutes away from Salem in all directions are well run clubs. The best one IMO is ACES UP in Dallas. So hats off to Josh & Ron for making a great little club to play in with tournaments daily at 7pm and cash games shortly after the tournaments.