Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ace of Spades review

Ace of spades on Barbour blvd.  now called the game is one of the better shoutout clubs for poker players. They start at 11am and will often have a full 9 handed table by noon every day.
It is not a tourney focused clubs so look elsewhere for that. They do have regular scheduled 2/5 and mixed games which always seem to get a full table when available.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Poker Fog by poker dog

There I was mid game with a three times above chip average chip stack chipping up. Really good considering that getting there took a couple really good hands early. In raiser to my big blind and I look down and wake up with A/K suited hearts. I raise heartily with a five times big blind bet. I isolated the raiser and he calls. The flop comes 2/A/9 rainbow.
I bet out pot size bet. Get called.  Next card a 10 clubs. I raise pot again and get re raised 45k. Thinking for a moment putting my opponent on a weaker ace and shove only to wake up to a set of twos. I couldn't put my opponent in the pocket twos with my preflop raise. 
Anyways, lesson learned on the re-raise with only top pair. I put him on the bluff or a little weaker ace which was a mis read on my part from a pretty solid player. It was what I wanted him to have not what he actually had. Either way, next time I get re raised as the forward better, I will be sure to take a moment to lose the minimum rather than the maximum. The outcome may have been the same after the river, but I believe I might have saved a bunch of extra chips with his river value bet over my aggressive all in.
Poker dog out!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Mad run, but not mad

Not exactly a mad run but a 4 day grind with positive finishes. After a disappointing weekend in Pendleton Oregon at the poker roundup, I find my groove at Ace of Spades poker club off of Barbour blvd in Portland. For the last four days I push the up button on cash outs and decided not to even play the encore tourneys. More than likely, I would have played normally and shelled out over 2k doing so. Instead, I somehow decided to set my ego aside for a bit and build my stacks for something bigger at the WSOP this year. Maybe poker Jesus will be with me this year and let me win the hands I am supposed to and a few that I am not supposed to. We will see.
I would love to have my brief moment in the sun. Life hasn't afforded me to many of those moments.... Hoping 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

WSOP and 60 Bracelets

There are 60 bracelets this year to be given away starting May 29th.

Angela "radish" Jordison

Triple threat -Angela Jordison wins the first three Pendelton Round up tourneys in Texas no limit hold-em! 
The odds were stacked against such a feat.., we won't do the math, because that would hurt a part of the brain that we need to reserve for the wonder years forthcoming. But let me tell you, no easy task and probably won't be broken anytime soon. The real question is, are there any more wins in store for her on this unprecedented run? There is a whole week of games and bigger tourneys yet to come this next weekend.
I wish you good luck if you stick around for the finale, but at the same time I hope you don't! 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Don't forget to over bet

I would be remiss not to at least suggest that at some point in any tourney that a healthy over bet is worth while. Now every once in a while some straggler will struggle but will eventually call and look you up. Just make sure you have at least a hand that is capable of breaking a far superior hand. I like to choose suited connectors in those situations. The cool part about a couple overbets is that when you go have the buts, there is a good chance that Someone will call and pay you off big time!